Meet The Team

Active but relaxed raiders that encourage and guide without yelling or micromanaging. Here to make sure you have a good time.

Our OfficersFearless Leaders

Enthusiastic tanks, healers, and DPS committed to smashing through raid content as a team. Indomitable in the face of raid mechanics!

Our RaidersChampions of the Horde

You've helped take down some of the universe's mightiest villains: Gul'dan, Kil'jaeden, and Argus have fallen before you. Now Azeroth itself needs your help as ancient threats stir...

YouCommitted Raider

You've braved the toughest of fights together and came out victorious. Bring them with you—it's always better to have a friend at your back when you're facing down enemies.

Your FriendCannon Fodder

Recent Posts

Announcements & Guild Details

Check out guild announcements or view easy links to guild-related websites. Announcements Aug 13: Normal and Heroic Uldir will release September 4

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Normal Antorus – Cleared!

Less than a month after Antorus was released, <AEM> stood against Argus and triumphed on normal difficulty! Partnering with <New

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Avatar Down! — 8/9 H TOS

Thanks to cross-realm grouping, AEM finally managed to get the right number and mix of raiders into the Tomb of

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3/9 on First Night Back to Heroic

Animus quickly cleaned up our second kill on N Kil’jaeden this Saturday, and ducked into Heroic to try our luck.

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Animus is 9/9 N TOS

After several weeks of work and slamming through the first 8 bosses on Wednesday, we spent all of our Saturday

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Heroic Gul’dan Down – Animus is Ahead of the Curve

After a night of increasingly clean attempts, Animus Ex Machina brought down Heroic Gul’dan with plenty of time to spare

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Elisande Down!!! Gul’dan at 11.2%!!!

Our first night on Elisande bore fruit.  On the fourth attempt, after a few server glitches, Elisande went down like

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Krosus Down – 5/10 NH

After some quick fixes on positioning for the final phase of the bridge we took him down. Please know we

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