Meet The Team

Former DPS Lead for #1 10-man Bracket Progresion Raiding guild on Fenris. Adept at recruitment and guild resource management. Our fearless leader!

TariskGuild Lead

Former Raid Lead of #1 10-man Bracket Progression Raiding guild and Former OT of #1 25-man Bracket Progression Raiding guild, both on Fenris.

Neverwhere/AxiomRaid Lead

Crawling up from the depths of the Cataclysm. Shaken by events on Draenor. You've forged your own path through the Broken Isles and landed here - on our shores.

YouDungeon Master

You've known them in game for years. They excel at their gameplay, but haven't found a home yet, either. Invite them as well, because it's always better when you bring a friend for killing time.

Your FriendCommitted Raider

Recent Posts

3/9 on First Night Back to Heroic

Animus quickly cleaned up our second kill on N Kil’jaeden this Saturday, and ducked into Heroic to try our luck.

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Animus is 9/9 N TOS

After several weeks of work and slamming through the first 8 bosses on Wednesday, we spent all of our Saturday

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Heroic Gul’dan Down – Animus is Ahead of the Curve

After a night of increasingly clean attempts, Animus Ex Machina brought down Heroic Gul’dan with plenty of time to spare

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Elisande Down!!! Gul’dan at 11.2%!!!

Our first night on Elisande bore fruit.  On the fourth attempt, after a few server glitches, Elisande went down like

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Krosus Down – 5/10 NH

After some quick fixes on positioning for the final phase of the bridge we took him down. Please know we

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Spellblade Aluriel Falls – 4/10 NH

More to come on our “ugliest transmog” raid night in another post. After clearing some trash and a mistaken pull

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Frapser Wanted For Raid Videos

We’re looking for a talented raid member who is also experienced in Frapsing or otherwise recording our raids to create

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Raid Week 2: Saturday — 7/7 N

Second night of our second raid week and we cleared Normal Emerald Nightmare. We headed directly to the Dragons of

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