AEM Opens Its Doors



Neverwhere here. Just wanted to say how great it is to see a lot of the old faces pop up when we put the word out that we were going to try to bring a group together again. We’ve already seen a lot of movement in just a few days although many of us have been on and leveling since launch of Legion.

For those who were here from day 1: don’t get restless. We’re going to fill those slots as quickly as possible, but quality wins out every time over expediency.

For those thinking about joining: I’d recommend just chatting with us a bit. Many of us have worked together for years through Xpacs and are very comfortable, but some of us are either new or new to guild and still getting a feel for it. We don’t do cliques and I don’t play favorites – everyone here is equal.

Besides, our GM, Tarisk, would murder me if I tried to.

Thanks for coming and hope to see you in game! ^^