Raid Week 2: Saturday — 7/7 N

Second night of our second raid week and we cleared Normal Emerald Nightmare. We headed directly to the Dragons of Nightmare and soundly beat them all on the first attempt. We mostly controlled the adds, but there was some definite room for improvement. From Dragons, we returned to Elerethe Renferal to open the path forward. The first platform went pretty well, but the transition to the second platform was still a little rough. Nevertheless, we got a pretty clean kill this time around, with only one wipe before clearing her. After that, it was on to Cenarius for the first time. The mechanics definitely challenged us at first, but we managed without too much trouble once people learned the strategy. After jumping into the Rift, we tackled Xavius and got him down on the third or fourth attempt. There was much rejoicing as we explored the restored Emerald Dream.

We are super psyched about clearing EN so quickly. Many of the Animus Ex Machina raid team have come back to the game after long, long absences and haven’t raided in years. Others have never raided before now. We look forward to perfecting our raid tactics on our next adventure: The Nighthold.