Spellblade Aluriel Falls – 4/10 NH

More to come on our “ugliest transmog” raid night in another post.

After clearing some trash and a mistaken pull we got a chance to look at the first two phases, ice and fire, and get a feel for some of the calls required.

While we do look at some information prior to a boss, we’ve never been a guild to use another strategy – instead preferring to find one that works for us and makes use of our particular raid comp and numbers.  Star Augur is a good example of how a traditional strategy doesn’t work for us due to the odd number of raiders we have while still recruiting.

That said we walked back into our second attempt ready to put up a good show and we understood that although the guides recommend pushing the ice pulses at 4-6 stacks we opted instead to go to 12 to keep replicate to a minimum and out of our melee heavy group.  This ended up minimizing the adds needed to be cleaved down and put more pressure on Spellblade directly.

Finally we had to figure out a way to deal with the arcane phase.  We opted to BL on the first fire phase as the add spawns were collected and brought into cleave range on the boss.  Making quick work of the adds we collapsed the raid onto Aluriel’s cute tushy and started moving the raid briskly away from the falling orb spawns while pounding the hell out of her during the last few seconds of BL.

We were able to put enough pressure on her that we didn’t make it to a second arcane phase, but had her down on her second fire phase instead.


Then we promptly wiped on the trash to Star Augur…go figure.  ; /

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