Heroic Gul’dan Down – Animus is Ahead of the Curve

After a night of increasingly clean attempts, Animus Ex Machina brought down Heroic Gul’dan with plenty of time to spare before Tomb of Sargeras is released. We had been reliably reaching Phase 3 every attempt, but kept exploding ourselves a bit too much when Flames of Sargeras overlapped with Empowered Eye of Gul’dan. We kept getting closer and closer, regularly getting 20%, then 15%, then 10% until we finally blew through Phase 3 and brought him down. 

AEM Officers are so proud of our guild — many of our players came back to the game for Legion and are years out of practice with raiding, while others have never really raided competitively. We got a late start on Legion raiding, with our first N Emerald Nightmare run at the beginning of January, three and a half months after it opened. In the last 5 months, our people have continually put in the time and energy to up their game, enabling us to overcome increasingly difficult mechanics.

Great work, everyone! We really appreciate the opportunity to play with you all.

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