How can we contact you regarding your application? Please leave RealID if you do not currently play on Dragonblight-Fenris.
Our raid times are Tues/Wed 8pm-11pm ET. Other nights are dedicated to Mythic runs, alt raids, and PvP based on attendance and interest. Please indicate whether you are available to participate on these days/times. Please also identify your Time Zone.
Please identify your preferred spec/role and list any other specs/roles you are comfortable playing in Normal and/or Heroic raids, along with the points in the associated Artifact Weapon.
Please identify any other raid-ready alts (including specs/roles) you would look to bring to the guild.
Please take a moment to tell us why you feel will be a good fit for your gameplay.
Please note any friends of your that may be also looking for a casual, heroic-progression raiding guild.