Community Guidelines

<Animus Ex Machina> is a coalition of players who have come together to experience endgame content using the flex raid system, with a focus on achieving Ahead of the Curve for each raid tier. To accomplish this, we expect all of our raiders to be strong players, to carry their weight through raids, and to continually improve their performance.

Code of Conduct

<AEM> is a community of in-game and real-world friends who want to see competitive endgame content, but not at the expense of having fun. The atmosphere we are aiming for is friendly and collaborative, inclusive and respectful. Everyone should be working together and helping each other out so that we can progress through raid encounters and, to a some extent, life.


In a small community, tension/drama can tear the entire community apart as we constantly work closely with all of our members.

Pull Your Weight. To progress through raid content, each of us needs to be prepared with information, as well as with gear, enchants, gems, etc. While no one is expected to min/max the hell out of their characters, we do expect raid members to use in-game enhancements and spend a reasonable amount of time researching their classes/specs AND the bosses we’re up against.

Be Open to Suggestions. There is always something new to learn, not only about our classes and specs, but as to how we can work together better as a group in raid situations. We encourage everyone to be open to suggestions (even guild/community leadership), proactive in researching raid mechanics, and share their expertise. If guild/community leadership determines that a member is stirring up trouble without good reason, they will be removed from the guild/community.


When everyone is committed to the guild/community and each other, raiding is more fun and goes easier because we know we can rely on each other.

Trust and Be Worthy of Trust. Strong, trusting relationships are the foundation for the friendships that pulled this guild/community together. Every member is held accountable for their words and actions. Players who act disrespectfully toward each other or non-community members will be removed from the guild/community.


Raiding is a collaborative effort, and success only comes when everyone is working together.

Help Each Other. Share suggestions, tips, tricks, lessons learned, etc. with the raid as a whole during encounters, and with each other when you think you can help someone progress in understanding their class/spec. We also encourage everyone to share extra resources and unneeded gear to help each other power up so we can take on increasingly challenging encounters. Refusing to help out a guild/community member because “there’s nothing in it for you” is a selfish attitude that will not be tolerated.

Recruitment & Raid Participation

Membership in the guild/community will be limited so that every interested raider has a guaranteed slot on the raid team. This means that we need all members to be ACTIVE participants in the raiding community. Although you may not make every raid, you will be expected to at least attempt to make most of them when the schedule is established.

1. New Recruits. There will be a short probationary period (a couple of weeks, depending on time played) for new members to see if personalities and attitudes mesh. After the probationary period, the guild/community/raid leader will talk with the new recruit to discuss becoming a full member or not. During the probationary period, new guild recruits will have limited guild bank privileges.

2. Raid Times. Based on current availability, we raid [SCHEDULE FOR BFA is TBD], with mythic dungeon runs and other collaborative events happening randomly throughout the week.

a. Group invites ideally begin 5-10 minutes before the scheduled raid time, with first pull beginning within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time.

b. If this schedule does not work for you, speak with the raid leader(s).

c. If you know you will be late, especially if you fill a critical role for the current progression encounters (tank, healer, required utility), we would appreciate if you notify the raid leader(s) at least an hour prior to the scheduled time so they can find a replacement or make alternate plans.

Loot, Gear, and Guild Bank

Personal Loot. We are currently using the personal loot system, with players spending seals to improve their chances for gear.

Unwanted Gear. With this system, people often get gear that is lower ilvl, wrong stat distribution, etc. We offer gear to fellow raiders who can immediately use it before vendoring or disenchanting.

Guild Bank. We have a great sharing atmosphere, where extra crafting mats or recipes are deposited in the guild bank for players to use. Upgrading active raiding characters should be prioritized over upgrading alts, and the gbank permissions reflect this. Guild members who abuse the guild bank will be removed from the guild.