Guild Master


Tarisk is a mischievous rogue with nimble fingers and (relatively) good intentions. She enjoys pickpocketing vrykul, exploring desolate areas, mutilating old content, and polishing her daggers with artifact power.  With the Legion returning once more to Azeroth, she is joining with friends and allies to fight the demon menace off…hopefully for good this time.

Former DPS lead for <Wraith>. She raided in BC, WOTLK, MOP, and WOD (albeit some only in LFR).

Remembering Neverwhere

Former Raid Lead and Healing Lead

Played from Vanilla patch 1.3 and has played priest nearly the entirety of his time in game. Former Raid Leader of the #1 10-man bracket progression guild <Wraith> during Wrath+. Former Off Tank for #1 25-man bracket progression guild <Absolute> during Cata.

Neverwhere was a primary force in bringing AEM to life, and he loved working with a guild to tackle new content and overcome challenges. His enthusiasm was infectious and his occasional disappointment was scathing, which made him a great raid lead. Unfortunately, Neverwhere passed away unexpectedly October 2017 in his mid-30s. We will keep him in our memories as the guild continues through Legion and beyond.