Our progression through Battle for Azeroth and Legion raid tiers is listed to the right.

Raiding Mission

<Animus Ex Machina> is focused on achieving Ahead of the Curve for each raid tier, which means killing the final boss on heroic level before the next raid tier comes out. The guild started raiding mid-way through Legion, and our core raid members achieved Ahead of the Curve for Gul’dan (Nighthold), Kil’jaeden (Tomb of Sargeras), and Argus (Antorus).

Progression History

We heavily rely on the flex raid system, and we generally try not to pick up random players, as we enjoy the camaraderie and reliability of our raid team. Mid-way through our Normal TOS push, we combined our raid team with <New World Order> on Shandris to smooth out attendance. Our typical Legion raid team numbered between 10 and 17 players.

We often found ourselves with fewer people as each raid tier wore on, which made later fights significantly more challenging. Legion raids were generally not optimized for 10-15 players. For TOS and Antorus, we ended up picking up people, or joining other raid teams, in order to get our final boss kills.

In Battle for Azeroth, we are using the new Community feature to raid collaboratively across many realms.